3-9 July 2017, Istanbul

It is a pleasure to invite you to 4th International Summer School organized by İLEM, Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), and Istanbul Medeniyet University will take place in Istanbul on between 3th-9th of July 2017.

After having successfully conducted three Summer School Programs, such as “Change in the Muslim World in the 21st century,’’, “State and Society in the Muslim World,”’ and ‘”Social Justice and Poverty in the Muslim World,” in the past years, the main theme of this year’s 4th ILEM International Summer School will be “Revival of Knowledge in the Muslim World: Methodological Approaches.”

Muslims are living in an era of an intellectual crisis. In order to be freed from this crisis, the Muslim world is investigating the possibilities of reconnecting with the tradition of Islamic knowledge and science and the betterment of this tradition. This effort brings with itself the question of which methodology should be followed when putting the accumulation of Islamic thought into circulation.

In this framework, with the “Revival of Knowledge in the Muslim World: Methodological Approaches’’ theme, topics of Islamic politics, economics, philosophy of Islam, and reconstruction of Islamic society will be addressed. Rather than approaching Islamic science merely as historic data, the possibility of reinterpreting Islamic tradition and its synthesis will be examined according to the economic, political and social conditions in which modern Muslims live.

Conferences, seminars, lectures, and workshops will be held in Istanbul July 3-9. With these workshops, the aim is to produce a common procedure and methodology for the process of reinterpreting Islamic thought, and a projection of how to assess current Islamic intellectual accumulation. The problems with revival of Islamic knowledge will be discussed by academics coming from disciplines of politics, economics, philosophy, law, theology, sociology, and so on.   

Conference Application, Travel Support and Guidelines

Any International MA or Ph.D. students with qualified academic work are expected to apply for the 4th International Summer School. Applicants must provide us an expanded abstract, not less than 800 words or up to maximum 1000 words and the deadline to submit abstracts is June 10th, 2017. 

4th International Summer School will have limited resources to assist up to a certain number of applicants with the conference related travel in July. Apart from that; during the conference, accommodation will be provided for all of the applicants, including transportation and meals.   

Important Dates

Deadline for submission: 10th of June

Notification of acceptance: 17th of June

For any inquiries regarding the program, please contact:  iiss@ilem.org.tr

We look forward to seeing you at 4th International Summer School