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9 Workshops


Urban Crises and Trends in The Muslim World

July 9-14, 2018, Istanbul

ILEM is both willing to share its intellectual experience with academics, researchers and intellectuals from different geographies and to benefit from their experiences. To achieve this goal, previous programs have discussed issues such as state and society, social justice and poverty, social transformation and reproduction of knowledge in the Muslim world. This year, the 5th International ILEM Summer School will analyse Urban Crises and Trends in the Muslim World.

Contemporary capitalist structures must contend with the global system, widening capital instruments, political approaches, certain crises such as poverty, immigration and regional disparities as well as wars and occupations that impact the city mentality of Muslim societies. This fact leads to tension and the questioning of how to build appropriate environments.

Within this context, the 5th International ILEM Summer School seeks to raise questions about what types of cities and living spaces should be offered to Muslims. New cases, facts and experiences will be discussed in conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops under the following subtitles: Memory, Modernity and Power.

Memory, which refers to those geographies in which earlier Muslims erected a civilization, offers significant conceptualizations. Modernity looks at how the built environment reflects the new capitalist relationships and new perspectives of social change. Power analyses how the formal changes growing out of the new institutionalizations produced by governments and/or peoples may engender political relationships that can have both positive and negative impacts upon cities in the Muslim world.

The Muslims’ intellectual traditions have the potential to respond to the contemporary world’s ongoing environmental and urban crises. The Scientific Studies Association (ILEM) and the Prime Minister’s Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) cordially invites researchers from around the world to share their intellectual experience during this annual event, which will be held on July 9-14, 2018, in Istanbul.

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Application deadlines: May 27, 2018

Results of Applications: June 8, 2018

Announcement of the detailed program: July 2, 2018


Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil
Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil
Keynote Speaker
Gulzar Haider
Gulzar Haider
Jamel Akbar
Jamel Akbar
Mustapha Ben-Hamouche
Mustapha Ben-Hamouche
Alev Erkilet
Alev Erkilet


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Prevıous Lecturers


Yunus Çolak – Kırklareli University
Erkan Karabekmez – İstanbul Medeniyet University
Esra Çifçi – Scientific Studies Association
İbrahim Halil Üçer – İstanbul Medeniyet University
Kadir Budak –  Scientific Studies Association
Mehmet Enes Gülcan – Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University
Mehmet Yıldırım – Scientific Studies Association
Mesut Dural – Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University
Süleyman Güder – İstanbul University
Taha Eğri – Kırklareli University


Abdülkadir Macit – Kocaeli University
Alev Erkilet – İstinye Universtiy
Aynur Atmaca Can – Marmara University
Halil İbrahim Düzenli – İstanbul Şehir University
Hamdi Çilingir – Scientific Studies Association
İbrahim Halil üçer – İstanbul Medeniyet University
Jamel Akbar – Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
Lütfi Sunar – İstanbul Medeniyet University
Muhammed Ziya Paköz – Abdullah Gul University
Mustafa Kömürcüoğlu – Sakarya University
Rahile Yılmaz Kızılkaya – Marmara University
Süleyman Güder – İstanbul University
Şefika Gülin Beyhan – Süleyman Demirel University
Taha Eğri – Kırklareli University
Teyfur Erdoğdu – Yıldız Teknik University
Vahdettin Işık – İbn Haldun University
Yunus Uğur – İstanbul Şehir University


Dursun Özyürek – Scientific Studies Association
Sabri Eğe – Scientific Studies Association

Event FAQS / find your answers

No. Only graduate students can participate in the Summer School.
5th IISS is a free event. Travel fees of some selected participants and accommodation-meals of all participants will be covered by the organizational committee. Participants do not pay any fee for the registration, social programs etc.
Any International MA or Ph.D. students with qualified academic work are expected to apply for the 5th International Summer School.  Applicants must provide us a proposal, not less than 1000 words or up to maximum 2000 words and the deadline to submit abstracts is May 20th, 2018.  Since at that stage the topic proposed might not have been explored in sufficient detail, the initial proposal can consist of an outline of the study proposed. The proposed area of research and methodology, including aims of the research, context and justification and research question should be written in the proposal.
Applications should be done through ‘Apply’ button on the website. (
All participants should present a paper on a specific topic related to main theme of the Summer School.
All participants have to choose one of the workshops and present a paper within the workshop.
Declaration of accepted applicants will be on June 1, 2018.
All participants have to attend the lectures.
Visits to some historical and cultural places, some libraries and research centers will be performed within the Summer School.


Address: Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Mahallesi,
Türbe Kapısı Sk. No:13, 34672


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