Name Affiliation Country Presentation
Abdulkadir Wahab Aman Yıldız Technical University Turkey (Ethiopia) Development beyond Per Capita Income: The Real Development Status of Muslim Countries
Abdulrahman Hossam İstanbul Şehir University Turkey (Egypt) Why Does Islamic Resistance to Western Power Fail: Revisiting the State and Society in Egypt
Ahmet Gençtürk University of Panteion Greece Scapegoating ‘Nation State’ in Middle East
Alexandru Boboc-Cojocaru Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Romania The Concept of Secularism in Muslim Societies – evolution and development
Almaz Radikovich Sandybayev Girne American University Kazakhstan Islamization States Central Asia: Trends and Prospects
Amer Maraqa Marmara University Turkey (Jordan) Enhancing Future Innovation and Encouraging Long Term Investment: Finding Best Practices of the Entrepreneurship Education for the Youth in the Muslim world
Anca Elena Ursu VU University of Amsterdam Italy Islam and Modernity: Bridging Cultures Through Cultural Initiatives
Anthony Idoko Okpanachi University of Hull UK The Role of Traditional Governance and Democratic Challenges: The Nigerian Experience
Anwar Hassen Tsega Juba University Sudan Challenges for Democratic transition in the Muslim world:  Egypt as a case study
Arash Beidollahkhani University of Tehran Iran The Rentier State and structural despotism in the Islamic world (Middle East countries) with emphasis on Iran: Quasi- decision making and unstable Rentier economy.
Arber Fetiu Laval University Kosovo The uses of “secularism” in the public discourse: The case of Kosovo
Aysel Gurbanova Western University Azerbaijan Women, Islam, and the Twenty-first Century
Azamat Esenamanov American University Central Asia Kyrgyzstan Possible Ways to Stop Violence in Gaza Strip
Azar Rashtiani Islamic Azad University Iran The Study of Formation of Unilateral Management After Qajar era in Iran
Azadeh Bozorgi University of Tehran Iran
Bernando J. Sujibto Selçuk University Turkey (Indonesia) Youth Peace Movement in Dilemma
Cyrollah Rasol Disoma Uludağ University Turkey (Philipinnes) Muslims in the Philippines: Their Struggle for Self-Determination
Çağrı Koşak İstanbul Şehir University Turkey Islamist Rebellion in Syria
Danish Naeem Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University Turkey (Pakistan) Codification: From the State to the Shariah
Duygu Kapusuz Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Germany Global Governance as Institutionalism
Fatma Nur Zağralı İstanbul 29 Mayis University Turkey An Analysis of the Institutional Structure of Zakat and the Case for Turkey
Fjolla Spanca Kosovo Chronic Verbal Violence Against Kosovo’s Women
Gökhan Bozbaş Necmetin Erbakan University Turkey The Imagination of State in the Islamic World
Haris Ubeyde Dündar Erciyes University Turkey The Successes and Failures of Islamic Republic of Iran as an Islamic State in Global Politics
Liudmyla Garnyk V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Ukraine Civil Society and Muslim World: Historical Heritage, Institutes, Approaches, Trajectories
Md. Abdul Gaffar Jawaharlal Nehru University India Political Transition: Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Post-Saddam Iraq
Mehmet Alkış Dicle University Turkey Secularisation and Nation-Building in Turkish Modernization Process
Mohammad Tayeeb Anadolu University Turkey (Afghanistan) Islamic Banking and Its Opportunities in Islamic And Non Islamic Countries
Mohammad Waqas Sajjad Graduate Theological Union USA Contextualizing Islam in South Asia- Deobandi and Barelvi traditions and debates
Mohd Yaseen Gada Aligarh Muslim University India Civil Society in Modern Islamic Political Thought: Apprehensions and Aspirations
Muhammad Ali Nasir University of Heidelberg Germany Governing (Through) Religion
Muhammad Faisal Awan University of Karachi  Pakistan Market, Media and the Masses in Pakistan
Mukerem Mifta Shafi Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University Turkey (Ethiopia) The “Ethiopian” Identity and Muslims: A Critical Reflection on the Evolution of Muslims’ Identity in Ethiopia.
Nassef Manabilang Adiong Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University Turkey (Philipinnes) The ‘Virtuous Ruler’ of Al-Farabi, the ‘Shah’ of Ferdowsi, the ‘Supreme Leader’ of Al-Mawardi, and the ‘King’ of Nizam al-Mulk as “Agent” of Statecrafting a Civilization
Nenden Octavarulia Shanty Middle East Technical University Turkey (Indonesia) Education in the Muslim Countries: Falling Behind?
Orgun Özcan Philipps-Universität Marburg Germany Psychological Research about Decision Making and the Relation Between Politics and Kemalat
Ömer Şipal İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Turkey the Presidency of Hassan Rouhani in Iran and the Possible Implications of This Presidency for the Future of Post-Islamist Movement in Iran
Rabia Unber Malik International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan Contemporary Muslim Political Thought( Democracy)  and its effects in Muslim world
Samad Hashemian University of Tehran Iran Progressive Patterns of State Society Relation in Islamic Societies. A comparative study.
Shima Vezvaei Institute of Humanities of Cultural Studies Iran “Right to the World” An Alternative Global Approach to Islamic Nation-States in Middle East and North Africa
Showkat Ahmad Dar Aligarh Muslim University India Concept of Islamic State and its Applicability in 21st Century: An Appraisal of Muhammad Asad’s Thought
Siddeek Mohamed Sufıyan University of Colombo Sri Lanka Islamic Movements in Opposition and Governance
Siraj Khan University of Edinburgh Germany Reviving Dead Land: Moulding the Islamic State
Sophia Concong Gazi University Turkey The History of Islam in China and the general situation of Chinese Muslims
Zarilbek Nyshan Uulu OSCE Academy Kyrgyzstan Historical analysis of development of Muslim Statehoof in Central Asia